Monster Rice Krispie Treats Recipe for Halloween!


If you don't know what snacks to make for kid's Halloween party, you should try this no bake recipe of Halloween treats. It is suitable for kids and parents work together. It is simple, fast and fun! Everyone loves these colourful monster rice krispies.❤️

1. Ready-made Rice Krispies
2. Candy Melts (orange, blue, purple and white)
3. Shaped Sprinkles (10mm eyeball, 20mm eyeball and vampire teeth)
4. Jim Bits (Purple, Orange & Green)

1. Put different colors of candy melts into different microwave safe bowl(s) separately.
2. Microwave the candy melts for 10 seconds in medium high power level (please follow the actual instruction of the product) and stir.
3. Repeat step 2 until the candy is smooth enough.
4. Use a spoon to spread melted candy on the rice krispies.
5. Add eyeball and vampire teeth sprinkles and some jim bits on the treats immediately.
6. Allow the treats to set at room temperature.