Fun and Easy Cupid Brownies Recipe!


Surprise your loved ones🌹 with some Cupid Brownies ! Garnish with FOLIAY sprinkles for a cute Valentine brownie!

You will need:
- Baked brownies
- Heart shaped cookie cutter
- Pink colored buttercream for frosting the brownies.
- Valentine sprinkles mix
- Pocky Stick
- Gummy Hearts
- Candy melt (for paste)
- Toothpick / a knife or other circular device to cut a hole in the brownie


1. Prepare a pre-baked brownies with enough serving size.
2. Use heart shape cookie cutter to make heart(s).
3. Prepare a piping bag with your favourite piping tips and frost onto the brownie(s).

4. Prepare heart shape gummy and pocky sticks. Pocky sticks need to divide in half.
5. Use preheated candy melt to stick it together, make a pair, cupid's arrow done!

(Note that two gummies are pasted in same directions but different position.)


6. Decorate with FOLIAY sprinkles.
7. Use toothpick to make holes on two side of the brownie(s).
. Place the cupid’s arrow into it.