Candy Corn Cake Recipe for Fall!

One of an easy way to take your cake decorating up a notch is to use the buttercream transfer technique!🍰🎃 We're happy to share this Buttercream Transfer Candy Corn Cake recipe with you! This sweet and colorful cake would be perfect for fall and the technique can be applied to endless designs!

- Transparent Cake Collar
Autumn Breeze Sprinkle Mix
- Knife
- Scissors
- Buttercream
- Cake

1. Use scissors to cut the Transparent Cake Collar to the required length.
2. Pipe the buttercream on the cake collar.
3. Pick up the cake collar and wrap it around the cake. Smooth this out with your hand to get rid of any air bubbles. Pop this into freezer for at least 30 minutes.
4. Slowly peel off the cake collar.
5. Trim the top with a sharp knife and use the remaining buttercream to smooth the surface of the cake.
6. Get ready to decorate the cake with icing and our Autumn Breeze Sprinkle Mix!